The Etsy Mentors Blog: Sellers Assisting Sellers

Cody the Computer Geek Mouse by TheHouseofMouse is a blog run by the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team (which I am a member of). It is an incredibly useful resource for both new and experienced sellers, with expert advice on all aspects of selling on etsy, including how to handle custom orders, how to take amazing photographs, and what to do after your first sale!

The purpose of Team SASsy is to provide advice and mentoring for other Etsy Sellers. In addition to running the Etsy Mentor blog, the team also conducts live critique sessions in the Etsy labs to help new sellers with individual feedback- check the Virtual Labs schedule for the next critique. You can also find a list of mentors categorised by areas of expertise on the blog if you need further help.


  1. Cody is so adorable! I found you just by accident. Turns out that you are on my FB,too! Keep up the great work!


  2. Thank you! I just signed up!!

  3. Glad to know this. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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