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    blog that features great retail and online stores as well as products featured.

  2. My blog showcases new designs in my shop, and I feature other Etsians from time to time.


    My blog is about my day to day dealings with my DIY business along with bits of my personal life.
    It's not all about me, though; I like to feature other sellers whom aren't well known to the Etsy world :)

  4. this is my blog about media, vintage finds, etsy shops i love and sometimes politics:

  5. My blog talks a little about me, some of my creations and every month I feature other artists...

  6. Please consider my blog as a feature.

    My blog features Etsy shops, interviews with sellers and business and marketing tips.

  7. My blog showcases independent artists and writers who are mainly sellers on etsy.
    Thanks, Chrisy


    I feature a lot of etsy sellers, have interviewed numerous etsy artists and crafters, and written articles useful to etsy sellers and bloggers, includiung my most popular "Blogging with Search Engine Optimization in mind" written with a focus on handmade bloggers.

    Would love to be featured!


    This blog is about my passion for drawing, painting, life, cuteness and everything else :) I regularly feature other fellow etsians gorgeous stuff.




    there's a lot going on at my blog. I often do giveaways for other Etsy shops. I feature Etsy artists - often from my team (Natural Kids Team). I talk about life in Tucson, the desert, my animals and kids. One of my goals for 2009 is to really grow my blog. I currently have 31 followers.
    thank you for your consideration!


    How to Make Stuff and a Lot of Sewing

    When I tell a story, like the Shoe Philosopher Series, I illustrate it with great items from Etsy shops.


    I make wire, beaded, resin, sea glass, crochted and knitted jewellery (whew!). Also includes my regular features 'My Crafty Journey' and 'Superb Sundays' as well as other ramblings about my life and creativity!

  13. Hello would love my blog featured!

    The emotive qualities of contemporary cats illustrated by le artiste and RISD grad Jamie Shelman. (Emotional states exhibited daily)- as well as things that inspire me and the art I love.


    At DZFANTASY I feature other Etsy least 3 - 4 a week, monthly display minis of at least 30 Etsy artists, changing them each month, have monthly own plus I host other Etsy artists

  15. Hi my address is

    I create things by reusing and upcycling materials that I already have or acquire through vintage stores....although my favorite is when I convert things that are headed for the landfills. I blog about eco-friendly things we can do. I provide tips and some gossip.

  16. Thanks for the post! My blog features my life, my art and my Etsy shop. here's mine:

    I'm a brand new seller on etsy - well, no sales yet, but I'm hopeful. My blog has information about the symbolism of the gemstones and other elements (like charms) I use in my designs. As I add more posts, I hope it will become a resource for everyone interested in the symbolism of charms and amulets, aka jewelry :-)

  18. Hi there, great blog! Here is mine:
    This blog features vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry, available for purchase that has been inspired by many famous fashion icons from the past. We also feature other blogs, and information about vintage on our site. Thank you!


    blog that mixes showcases other etsy artists, treasury features, personal project features and instructions, and fun stories about my life! Check it out and hopefully you enjoy it!

  20. I would love to have my blog listed on the dust team blog list - thanks. It is really a blog about what creative things I do each week.
    thanks, Wilma

  21. I'm very interested!

    In Shadows:

    A blog dedicated to the darker side of Etsy. A place where the strange and unusual can shine :)


    Features cool home hardware, plus an ever expanding list of handmade blogs that rock.

  23. Hello, my blog is all about everything handmade, I add a favourite etsy seller/find each friday. Please pop in!

  24. hi, my blog is about my life my thoughts my crafts and my crafts..

    Every week, I have Tuesday featured sellers ( for those with less than 10 sales), Friday craft ( teaching simple Japanese crafts) and Monthly giveaway..

  25. Here's a link
    Simply Shiny Blog"

    I've been on etsy over a year now, and my blog contains posts about tips, techniques, shop reviews, handmade selling venues, etc.

  26. i'd love to be featured

    I talk about tips for marketing an etsy store, art/artists I like, and whatever hits me

  27. I post about my photography and other art I create. I feature other artists and designers. Recently, I started giveaways. I also post about random things I like or something interesting that's happening in my life. Please check it out..

  28. Hi my blog url is:

    I design Swarovski necklaces and earrings, my blog features just about everything from info on my creations as well as chances to win free jewelry and information regarding my online stores... please take a look! I would love to be featured on your blog!

  29. My blog features etsy artists ad well as posts motivation and innovation blogs and quotes for other bloggers who support and give positive advice to anyone willing to read them. I also post my jewelry projects and some semi personal blurbs as a WAHM artisan mom and vendor.

    thanks for the opportunity and consideration.


    This is a blog of my small-sized watercolors of imaginary landscapes inspired by real ones from my country.
    Hope you like them!!


    Art & musings for the eclectic soul.

  32. This blog features the Folk Art of Christina Colwell and the stories and inspiration behind the art.

  33. This blog is a behind the scenes look into Helix Elemental Studios.

  34. This blog features dichroic fused glass jewelry with some "how to's" thrown into the mix

  35. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    My blog is, it's a blog of a girl livin' a crafty life and sharing some tutorials and awesome web finds to boot.


    Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder features my rants, raves, inspirations & interesting little finds in Art, Fashion, Home, Celebrity & Gossip.
    Look for all the pretty things I love & the not so pretty things we all love to hate.


  37. Hi! So glad I found your blog. My blog is called Particularly Pretty, where I showcase lovely handmade items, the artists behind them, style guides, indie business tips, and the handmade lifestyle. I'd be honored to have my blog included in your list.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    -Ashley Pahl


    Hi! I am an Etsy seller (kitschkitch, but that's not why I'm commenting here) and a longtime reader of your site. I recently started a "blog" called Inspired by Etsy ( because I always wanted to post a Treasury on Etsy, but it was too often full. So this new blog takes the Treasury idea, mixes it with the ever-popular inspiration boards, and promotes loads of Etsy sellers. I was hoping that we could do a little partnership and maybe you can list me on your blogroll or do a feature and I can add your logo to my site. Thanks! Andrea

  39. Love your blog! I'd love to be featured if you'll consider it.

    My blog:
    My regular posts are Featured Artist interviews and versatile finds (since my jewelry line is inspired by versatility). I also post other random things in between, plus exclusive specials I'm having for my shop:

    Hope you'll stop by and consider featuring me. :) Thanks!


  40. My blog is just of my favorite finds on Etsy: sometimes single items, sometimes a shop spotlight, sometimes a roundup on a theme.

    Would love to be considered!


    My shop is milk made baby and my blog shares the name. I share DIY instructions, host giveaways, and talke about crafting life...

  42. Hello!

    My blog features etsy sellers/artists, along with other visual treats, photography, gardening adventures, and gratitude lists.


  43. Hi there!

    My blog:

    I feature personalized dog/pug stationery at my shop I design all my stationery with a cheerful and bright outlook, from colorful polka-dots to fashionable argyle sweaters on a pooch’s back, every paper is personalized to fit the customers (and the dogs) needs.


  44. I would very much like to be included in your Blogs list. My blog features discourses and observations on dance and film. Please go here to have a look. many thanks

    Sandy Strallen


    This blog is dedicated to helping both artists & buyers find the best sites online for a quality experience. We also feature an artist everyday! We're all about getting the word out for original, handmade art!

  46. I'd love if you could feature my blog! It's my personal blog containing my daily random musings, which tend to focus on my favorite fashion finds. I feature independent designers who use sustainable or recycled materials, have handmade or local production, and/or limited run collections. This of course means the majority of my posts have an 'Etsy' tag, as Etsy is my main source of finds.

  47. "Greeting Card Designer Blog" for professional card designers and sentiment writers I buy a ton of things on etsy! gloves, wallpaper, felt soap, retro atomic shot glasses and salted caramels!

  48. Hi there! I would lovvve to be featured on your blog (as would ever other etsy focused blog!)

    My blog is The Searched And Found (
    As an etsy seller myself, I realize how hard it is for a shop to get started and have success among the sea of talent on etsy. So I started this blog to spotlight undiscovered etsy shops that are just as good as the greats yet haven't been discovered. My blog is focused on spotlighting new and old shops, sponsoring etsy blogs and etsy shops on the site, as well as hosting giveaways and discounts that let etsy sellers bring in some free advertising and boost their sales.

    I hope you like my blog! It's growing every day and I'm excited to see where it's leading : )

    Have a great day!

  49. I would love to have my blog featured! My blog is:

    If Toys Could Talk
    Children have a unique way of bringing toys to life. Imagination fuels adventures, calamities and general silliness. Most importantly, it is the life force behind the everyday lives of toys. The photos you see here are all real-life events. And the commentary? That's the toys talking. We hope you're listening.

  50. It is not 100% Etsy but a TON of etsy giveaways come in and most the friday freebies are etsy shops or have etsy :)

    Free daily source of handmade giveaways from around the net! Find and share giveaways plus get featured and enter Friday Freebies hosted directly on BHG!

    byhandgiveaways [at] yahoo [.] com

  51. Hi, my blog is Indie Pretty Projects at

    My blog is all about making your life DIY, featuring Etsy artists, showcasing the best handmade finds out there, and lots of ideas for running your own handmade business and blog.

    Thanks for considering :)


    This blog is written from the point of view of my brand {Lady Lucas} mascot... a purple bat with red shoes. ;) Expect to see great new stuff, witty snippets, and a selection of awesome and new independent artists.

    Thanks! ~Ashley


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