The Etsy Business Tips Blog

The Etsy Business Tips Blog is one of my blogs, but I thought I'd mention it here because I'm hoping it might be useful to some readers. The blog focuses on providing tips on how to make more etsy sales, and how to promote your shop effectively. I also write shop critique posts on occasion to help readers directly, and also to give others some ideas about improvements they could potentially make as well.

If you'd like to visit the blog, these are some of the most popular posts:

How to Get More Twitter Followers and Reaching the Right Crowd
A detailed guide to how to easily build up a large twitter following (in the thousands) and how to reach your target market- including buyers who are not etsy sellers.

Promote While You're Asleep!
A post about scheduling your promotion to reach buyers while you're asleep- particularly good for international sellers or those wishing to expand their international customer base.

Where to Find all Those Free Blog Buttons
Links to twitter buttons, RSS feed icons and counters, where to find the 'suggested posts' widget, how to create a badge for your blog that others can share, how to allow suggestions from your readers...and more!

Self-Service Shop Critique- How to Improve Your Shop and get More Sales!
This is a detailed post that takes sellers through different areas of their shops that might benefit from some changes. This is based on the many critiques I've done for individual sellers and through running group critiques as a member of the Sellers Assisting Sellers Team.

I also run regular features of favourite items from blog followers, Q&A posts answering readers' questions, and individual shop critiques, so there's a chance to ask questions and get some extra traffic for your shop too :)

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The Etsy Mentors Blog: Sellers Assisting Sellers

Cody the Computer Geek Mouse by TheHouseofMouse is a blog run by the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team (which I am a member of). It is an incredibly useful resource for both new and experienced sellers, with expert advice on all aspects of selling on etsy, including how to handle custom orders, how to take amazing photographs, and what to do after your first sale!

The purpose of Team SASsy is to provide advice and mentoring for other Etsy Sellers. In addition to running the Etsy Mentor blog, the team also conducts live critique sessions in the Etsy labs to help new sellers with individual feedback- check the Virtual Labs schedule for the next critique. You can also find a list of mentors categorised by areas of expertise on the blog if you need further help.

Blog Revamp!

Is Boo Radley Home? Fine art print by wondrousstrange

I'm afraid Best Etsy Blogs has been badly neglected for a very long time- so long that I have closed my old Etsy shops and opened a new one- Morphologica!

I will be bringing this blog back to life and sharing some of the great Etsy blogs out there- and I'll update the list of links at the bottom of this page now that I have a few more tricks up my sleeve ;)

Stay tuned.....