Confessions of an Esty Stalker is a beautiful site curated by Beatrice. In her words: "There are two kinds of people necessary in the arts. First, there are the artists, those who create lasting works that make us take in that deep inhale of breath. Next, there are those of us who appreciate the arts, who want to promote and help professional artists in their life’s passions." Beatrice showcases some of her wonderful etsy finds on this site, providing what she describes as an online museum of etsy arts and crafts.


  1. I am so glad to see EtsyStalker as your featured blog! Beatrice is so kind and wonderful! She made me feel so special when our shop was included in a recent feature! She has a great eye for unique Etsy finds and EtsyStalker is a blog I am sure to check every day! :)


  2. I am a total Etsy stalker! LOL...I am addicted to handspun yarn...Etsy is my gateway. I too drool,fave, bookmark shops. I return again & again...and buy.
    It made me start spinning my own yarn. Buying wasn't enough. Spinning is a whole new wrinkle in my creative endeavors. I'm one of those annyoyingly creative people that always are making something.... I make hats, sew slipcovers, sew dresses for my daughter, garden avidly...and can rewire a telephone jack. Read more about it here:


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